Lockdown 3.0: Places to Purchase Beer (& write to your local MP!)

This Lockdown 3.0 feels somewhat different to the last few and though whilst allowing some beery business (beer shops and brewery shops) to continue some reduced operation within Government guidelines, pubs and bars have been negatively impacted more than most this time around. They can only sell food and non-alcoholic drink for collection and are not able to include alcoholic drinks such as beer (which they were able to do in previous lockdowns), these can only be sold when home delivered. Lots of local pubs don’t have the staff, energy or capability to set-up a delivery service from scratch; a small amount have pivoted in short time frames to do so. It really has been a sharp and brutal hit for many businesses after a prolonged period of tough and uncertain conditions already through the Covid pandemic.

Firstly, please think about writing to your local MP on this unfair matter, you can use the really simple CAMRA link below which also has pre-written content you can amend as required:


Secondly, please continue as lots of you wonderful folk have been, to support your local pubs, beer shops, bars and restaurants. To find out who is operating services during this lockdown, Sheffield CAMRA have compiled this useful list, link below:

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