The People’s Photography Trail


Photo: IWBDC at Wild Card Brewery by Nicci Peet


The People’s Photography Trail has developed from last year’s exhibition across multiple venues into a broader focus on the diverse range of people in the beer industry and beer lovers. Sheffield Beer Week is thrilled to be working closely with talented photographers Nicci Peet and Mark Newton to produce this photography meets beer trail around the city. We think it’s really crucial to promote increased diversity by showing relatable role models, often an encouraging force in itself, as ‘seeing is believing’ is an extremely powerful tool. It’s also a reminder that, as Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garret Oliver frequently states, “beer is people” and we’re happy to celebrate the people in the beer industry from brewers to delivery drivers to barkeeps and more. Without this team of people we wouldn’t be enjoying that glass of the good stuff! Nicci Peet has been working on her documentary photography project this last year predominantly capturing women – cisgender, trans, genderqueer, women of colour, who work in the beer industry. She thinks, “There’s a lot of talk and debate lately around sexism and inclusivity” and that “Part of the problem is that there’s a lack of visual representation” which she’s trying to readdress through her project. Mark Newton has been capturing the brewing industry in Yorkshire since 2016 and this ongoing fascination for him explores this subject with great emotionality.

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Photo: Mark newton

This trail will add to the Outdoor City element of this year’s beer week, in addition, promoting people to walk, run or cycle the beertography trail. The Access Able website is an extremely useful resource, aimed at providing more detailed information on accessibility for a variety of venues around Sheffield. This database is a work in progress and if you do have any questions or requests for info, if access is not found on the website, please don’t hesitate to ask @SheffBeerWeek for assistance:

As you navigate the beertography trail through Sheffield Beer Week, add your own portrait to the digital exhibition on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #beerispeople
Also join in the fun of the beertography trail by collecting stamps from each venue visited to complete your card (found in this year’s printed guide). On completion by March 31st 2019 – hand your completed trail card in to any of the venues featured to be entered into a prize draw for a chance of winning prizes from artist designed pin badges, to bar tabs and more.

We’ll be re-posting some of our favourites over the week.

Photo: Sophie de Ronde, Burnt Mill by Nicci Peet


>Bath Hotel, 66-68 Victoria St, Sheffield S3 7Q
>Hop Hideout, View their Photo Trail – Fri 15th and Sat 16th March at their pop-up at the brewery of Saint Mars of the Desert (90 Stevenson Road. S9 3XG) to collect your stamps 12-8pm. Ongoing access from 19th March to be updated.
>Kelham Island Brewery Shop – Event Bar, 24 Alma St. S3 8SA
>Rutland Arms, 86 Brown St. S1 2BS
>Shakespeares, 146-148 Gibraltar St, Sheffield. S3 8UB
>Sheffield Tap, 1b, Sheffield Train Station. S1 2BP

Please check opening hours of the venue’s website before planning your trail. Some venues are not open everyday and they all have varying opening hours.

(Photo Trail Stamp – Collect your ‘People’s Photography Trail’ stamps in the card when you visit one of the SBW venues on the beertography trail. You will receive free entry into our prize draw for the completed trail, please hand in to venues by March 31st 2019. You can hand the card into any of the venues on the trail and don’t forget to add your name and contact details (specifically email for contact). This means we can get in touch once the draw has been completed to inform prizewinners. The prizes include an artist designed pin badge, a bar tab at Shakespeares pub and a Hop Hideout beery prize pack. Announcements will be made across our social media by the end of April 2019. One entry per person. There are three main prizes in total to be won. The winner is chosen at random from all valid entries returned by participants. Prize winners will be informed by email, and prize-winners should usually receive their prize within 30 days of draw. Draw to be completed by the end of April 2019. Prize collection may be required to be arranged from one of the trail venues).


Stamp Trail Card
Found in Sheffield Beer Week’s 2019 printed guide