Thanks For Your Support: Lallemand Brewing

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We’re excited to announce that Lallemand Brewing is a proud sponsor of Sheffield Beer Week 2019. Lallemand started as a company producing dried yeast cultures for the brewing industry in the 1970s and has since grown globally and across many other segments in that specialist market. Including sensory kits for flavour analysis, brewing nutrients, brewing consultation and more. With yeast products available to both commercial and home brewers.

One of their latest releases the ‘WildBrew™  Sour Pitch’ blend has peaked interest across a wide section of brewers. WildBrew™ is a high-purity lactic acid bacteria and the range of sour beer styles such as Berliner Weisse and Gose brewed in a typical kettle souring process is an intriguing and growing area here in the UK. With beers ranging in flavour profiles but often a gentle acidity and lots of tangy fruity notes that can be hugely refreshing and moreish.

With the support of Lallemand we’re able to develop our People’s Photography Trail. Including producing our stamp card trail, commission talented local artists to design pin badges and a whole host of great beery activities for you to enjoy over our five year anniversary of Sheffield Beer Week.

A huge cheers to Lallemand for their support.

Learn more about #LallemandBrewing here:




A few words from our sponsor Lallemand Brewing:

‘Supported by decades of long-standing industry experience, an extensive support network, and strong technical expertise, Lallemand Brewing is positioned to help your brewery achieve its growth and quality goals. Beyond an unparalleled global technical support and expertise, we offer an extensive range of products, services, and education.

Whether you are a startup, a global leader in beer production or anywhere in between, we have something for you.

At Lallemand Brewing… WE BREW WITH YOU.’


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