It’s Good to Give Back!

For Sheffield Beer Week 2019 we’re especially happy to be able to champion and support some wonderful charities and organisations throughout our ten day city-wide beer celebration. This year we will be supporting two – The Lord Mayor’s Charity Fund and the British Hop Association. We’ve listed a few details and links below. Cheers for everyone’s support *raises glass*.


Jules Gray, Director Sheffield Beer Week and the 122nd Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Majid Majid


Proud to announce Magic Magid – The Lord Mayor of Sheffield’s Charity Fund as a charity partner for #SheffBeerWeek 2019. His chosen charities are Flourish, Sheffield Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service and Unity Gym Project. You can find out more on these here >>>…/your-city-co…/lord-mayor.html

Did you know that British pubs raise over £100m for charity every year? (CGA data) #pubs #community #sheffield #charityevent 🙏

We’re looking forward to the Lord Mayor’s One Love celebrations in May already too!


british hops

Proud to announce the British Hop Association as a charity partner for #SheffBeerWeek 2019.

Leading sustainability of the industry, championing British varieties and undertaking exciting research and developing new hop varieties #Jesterhops #Olicanahops #keyworthearly


‘The British Hop Association, formerly the National Hop Association, was formed in 1996 to ensure that the industry has a coordinated approach to its activities and in particular the research and development of new hop varieties through its subsidiary Wye Hops. The BHA is a limited company, with two Directors from each of the 3 growers selling groups sitting on its Board. The Growers Groups are: English Hops Ltd, Hawkbrand Hops Ltd & Wealden Hops Ltd. The British Hop Association is the forum by which growers make representation to the UK Government, the EC, international & national industry committees. The BHA has a website that provides information on British Hops for brewers and merchants around the world’


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