Collaboration is Key: Norwich City of Ale

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration; okay if I say it enough times it might sink in *smiles* but really it is something I believe can be truly rewarding and beneficial. When Sheffield Beer Week initially formed, in part, some of the inspiration came from around the World and  the UK. Looking towards beer weeks in the US, Belgian events and closer to home such as London Beer City and Norwich City of Ale. After launching Sheffield’s first beer week in March 2015, I made contact with a number of beer weeks to share our news and make connections. A thought process was really – if and how we could collaborate and unite under our beery banners. The team at Norwich City of Ale invited me to their launch in 2016 and there a seed was planted.



In February 2017, Dawn Leeder and Philip Cutter reciprocated the visit, joining Sheffield Beer Week on a tour of our fair city. We visited a host of great pubs and talked through ideas that could champion both our great beer cities. It’ll take time to develop, but with Norwich celebrating seven years and Sheffield three, our focus will be on authentic collaborations with longevity. Watch this space!

Sheffield Beer Week: 13th to 19th March 2017

Norwich City of Ale: 25th May to 4th June 2017



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