About Sheffield Beer Week

Sheffield Beer Week is a week-long festival celebrating the region’s brewing landscape – old and new! It’s also about highlighting the wonderful world of beer, taking and sharing inspiration from across the globe. Collaboration is key with Sheffield’s bars, pubs and restaurants joining forces with local, national and international breweries to host beery events. Sheffield Beer Week happens across the whole of the city in multiple venues in the second week of March; it began in 2015 and is now in its third year.
Imagine a week where breweries hold open days for visitors to explore, pubs host beer festivals, bars have tap takeovers and restaurants offer menus with tailored beer pairings.

Every day there will be a unique beer event to enjoy!
Well, that’s the plan…

Help make this happen – if you are a beery venue let us know about your event and we will add you to our dedicated listings page.

The first Sheffield Beer Week in 2015 was coordinated by two beer loving friends – Jules Gray and Clare Tollick. Being inspired by the thousands of visitors attending the SIBA conference and Beer X festival, they thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to showcase the local beer scene. 2016 marked the second year for the event and was lead by Jules Gray with co-ordination support from Chris Bamford. In year two there were 66 different events across ten days in 38 participating venues.

2017 is now in planning with the aid of Jacob Nickles of The Red Deer as our Pub Liaison Officer. Hurrah!
Please note that we are not affiliated with SIBA or any organisation. The aim of Sheffield Beer Week is to bring additional visitors to the city. We are an independent beer focused events led group.


3 thoughts on “About Sheffield Beer Week

  1. Hi Jules and Claire,

    I present illustrated talks on Sheffield’s brewing heritage. If you think a talk on this theme would fit in to your programme(probably a little late for this year), please email me and we can discuss things further. Many thanks.

    John Dowd


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